Smart Archiving

Nowadays, and as a result of the global development growing with such massive amount of information; companies are facing several problems -which increases continuously day after day- with the process of collecting historical data or recording important documents and files. Therefore, technical solutions must be used to organize documenting and recording processes that will help organizations, institutions, firms, etc.…, to deal with all of the necessary data that may be essential reference in the coming future. In the past, companies had to deal with huge amounts of paperwork that wastes time and money. But today, with the new technologies and the availability of new software, paper work was replaced with archiving software that have several features and modern specifications that will save time and money, also save documents and essential records. Smart is an electronic archiving software that supports different file formats, easy to manage, fast, and secure


Why Smart?

  1. Different document storage techniques.

  2. Building classes and fields to improve the document organization.

  3. Different document insertion methods.

  4. Supports different file formats .View and create PDF files.

  5. Capability of storing document with attachment.

  6. Supports document scanning and printing.

  7. Advance search technique.

  8. User management.

  9. Smart also allows you to edit the document's value fields.

  10. Add pages.

  11. Managing document releases.

  12. Delete from document tree.

  13. Auto-complete search.

  14. Document encryption.

  15. Arabic & English interfaces.

  16. Web interface for search.