What is Smart Maintenance?

Smart is a maintenance management software designed to administrate maintenance activities for a wide variety industries, hospitals, municipalities, equipment suppliers and services providing companies. Smart track your equipment, parts, personal and more. Manages your maintenance schedule, inventory and procedures. Prints your maintenance reports, work orders and more. Keeps your maintenance cost within appropriate budget.


Smart Benefits

  1. Extended equipment life.

  2. Improved equipment reliability.

  3. Reduced downtime.

  4. Lowered maintenance cost.

  5. Reduced paperwork.

  6. Less overtime cost.

  7. Improved staff performance.

  8. Less maintenance operation cost.

  9. Maintenance work history

  10. Improved staff performance


Smart Characteristics

  1. Applicable in all institutions “factories, hospitals, municipalities, universities, etc.”

  2.  Multilanguage (English, Arabic)

  3. Easy to understand

  4. The ability to work on many databases

  5. Huge database that can accommodate large number of records

  6. Multiuser

  7. Flexibility in presenting and printing reports

  8. Ability to control display setting (colors and more)

  9. Indexes available in all screens with many different sorting possibilities