As a result of the rapid development of the world and the large increase in the volume of information, companies face many problems - which are increasing day by day - in archiving files, which must be resolved to ensure the process of supervision, which is important in the preservation of important information and use as a reference in the future. In the past, companies were limited to paper-based archiving. As a result of the development and use of computers, companies are now moving towards electronic archiving with multiple advantages.

So Spark has developed SMART archiving software to facilitate access to documents and information as quickly as possible.

When Smart Archiving works for you, you get:

  1. Eliminate manual extension problems related to increasing costs or loss of or damage to documents.
  2. Maintain document security through convenient administration of different user powers.
  3. Reduce the time needed to store different files or access documents and information.
  4. Provide a paper or electronic copy outside the system at any time through mechanisms for preservation and printing.
  5. Facilitate audits and confirm information entered with documents.
  6. Responding to business growth and future changes.

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