Companies usually spend a large amount of money on maintenance when a malfunction occurs. These amounts are not only the incurred maintenance costs; there are other hidden costs, such as downtimes and delays. In a world moving towards digitization, each company, regardless of their products and/or services, needs to adopt policies and practices that support reducing these costs. And what a way to do that better than utilizing a robust, reliable and flexible maintenance software that provides agile management of preventive, predictive and urgent maintenance orders.

Spark has developed a program to manage maintenance processes within enterprises and factories to reduce time and money wasted within the organization

When SMART works for you to manage maintenance, you get:
Optimal use of maintenance crews
Provide clear work procedures for maintenance
Warehouse Management
Provide records and historical files on equipment and business.
Determine the direct cost of maintenance work.
Minimize paperwork and system use alerts
Reduce overall maintenance costs
Reduce the cost of overtime
Improve reliability and reliability of devices
Reduce the period of time for random and sudden maintenance
Extend the life of equipment equipment


It’s The Right Time To Increase Your Productivity and reduce your maintenance costs!

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