Properites of SmartDento

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  • Leading small/medium and even large size clinics.
  • ZERO accounts losses and Efficient accounts management
  • Accurate control over all financial issues such as incomes and expenses, debit and credit accounts.
  • Very organized workflow with no losses and no mistakes
  • Minimized waiting time for patients in the waiting room due to accurate time management.
  • Shorter treatment procedures due to well management of follow up visits and appointments.
  • Satisfied customers as every patient is communicated individually very friendly.
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We Offer 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you tried our system for less than 30 days, and you are not interested, without any further explanation, you can request to get back your money. And we will start the refund process to return all your money back to you as soon as it is processed by our card processing company.

Why you don’t contact us if you have any further question? we can help you to assess your needs.