Smart Dento

DentoSoft is a smart dental-clinic management system, developed to help dentists manage their clinics efficiently and intelligently. It is based on a structured database web-based system that securely stores and regulates patients related medical data. The system aims at facilitating the process of reporting, monitoring and measuring performance. It fits the needs of small, medium, and large-scale dental clinics.

By using DentoSoft, Dentists can manage their patients’ profiles, register their new cases, upload documents such as x-ray images, document the treatment procedure, record all follow-up visits, prepare transcripts and set next appointments.

The system is not limited to manage patients’ data, it is extended to manage other fields such as the financial transactions of the clinic, including income, expenses, utility bills, relations with suppliers and more. The reporting system is amazing as the dentist can evaluate performance, net-income, credits and debits, cash flow, upcoming payments, and more.

Utilizing the best user experience and interface design, the system is very friendly and simple to use. The process is simplified as if you can use Facebook or any other platform. This is because, when our developers started the analysis and development, they closely consulted practitioner dentists from the industry by gathering their experience from using other competitive applications.