SMART Maintenance Features

Asset Tracking

Ability to Track Unlimited Assets

Using SMART Maintenance Management System, you will be able to track unlimited number of assets. The management of equipment and spare parts will be easier than before. You will be able to add the description of all items, including their models, serial numbers, pictures…etc. Using SMART you will also be able to locate any item, and know the responsible employee for each machine.

Preventive maintenance

Auto-notifications are now possible!

SMART Maintenance Management System made it easy to know when you need to do a maintenance for a certain machine. The system will send notifications for scheduled maintenance tasks automatically. The maintenance tasks will be highlighted in different colors, so that you will be able to identify the late and scheduled tasks. The system also will visualize the locations of your assets anytime.

Record Maintenance Dates

Evaluating your equipment's maintenance

Evaluating your equipment’s maintenance history reduces downtime and identifies future financial requirements for your company’s critical equipment. When closing work orders and recording maintenance for your equipment, Smart Maintenance Management System keeps a detailed maintenance history. Each log includes a basic history log, meter reading, and description of work performed, as well as a detailed breakdown of each repairs, labor, and parts involved. SMART Maintenance Management System also stores detailed costs for each process.

A wide range of reports enables you to create detailed cost analysis, monitor trends, track equipment, and determine the cost effectiveness of your equipment within your company.


Maintenance Notifications

Get a notification for each time you need to make a maintenance

SMART Maintenance Management System automatically calculates when it is due to perform preventive maintenance on your equipment. The system home screen highlights equipment that require attention. For quick visual identification, equipment due (or overdue) for service is highlighted in “red”, while equipment due soon for service is highlighted in “yellow”.

Spare Parts Inventory Management

SMART allows you to locate the parts your machines need

SMART allows you to locate the parts your machines need. You can record parts details, such as part numbers, descriptions, unit costs, suppliers, etc. Built-in reports provide data in the format you need to keep panes well organized.

The PRO version of SMART Maintenance Management includes partial inventory management. Manage your spare parts inventory with reorder notifications, part assemblies and a built-in purchase order system.

Work Orders

Creating and monitoring work orders from start to finish

The system creates work orders based on the maintenance tasks for each equipment. This version of our software automatically adds associated parts to the work order. (You can also manually create work orders as you see suitable). After the work has been executed, and the work order is done, SMART Maintenance Management System automatically updates all related services for that equipment and stores the entire work order in the history database. Work order reports complement this feature, by allowing you to view data in both detailed and summarized formats.

Reports…and more!

Printing, exporting and sending maintenance reports.

SMART Maintenance Management System gives you more than just reports at your hands. From simple equipment list reports to detailed periodic cost analysis reports, everything you need is covered! The built-in report designer allows you to easily make adjustments to any of the inventory reports included in SMART System. Many additional features, such as employee and vendor databases, purchase orders and invoices, and software security, are also included in SMART!